Alex Charfen – CIAS Distance Learning Course

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Price: $599
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Alex Charfen - CIAS Distance Learning Course

Alex Charfen – CIAS Distance Learning Course

Price: $599
You Just Pay: $67
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Multiply Your Commissions and Help Your Clients Protect Their Retirement Nest Egg as a CIAS!

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to QUADRUPLE your transactions by working with buyers who buy unemotionally, site-unseen and quickly pay cash?

Over a quarter of all Americans have considered investing in real estate, but the vast majority haven’t bought yet. More than likely, they couldn’t find an educated, real estate investment advisor like you who could make their dream a reality.

Other Americans have made the wrong investments and watched their fortunes vanish. In today’s new economy, it is almost a moral obligation to help save your community from investments that accidentally destroy families’ financial futures.

Now here’s the good news! You can quickly and easily help both raw rookies and grizzled veteran investors to unlock the world of real estate wealth. You just need to equip yourself with the right education, tools and systems.

More about that in a minute, but first, here’s why this is important for you:


The Safest And Most Effective Wealth
Building Investment Today Is Real Estate

Most of the media wants you to run for the hills. Stories of the real estate apocalypse attract viewers and boost ratings. But, the facts are far different.

In fact, the smart money is CONTINUING to yank their money out of the stock market and plow it into local real estate markets.


Revealed: The Average Investor Profile – Its Surprising


They aren’t rich. In fact our research shows that they earn about $87,201 a year – just 17% more than the average homeowner.

There are more middle-class investors than there are ultra-rich property moguls. Average investors aren’t buying apartment buildings or commercial property.

Research shows that 63% of investor purchases are for single-family detached homes. These investors recognize that families would rather rent homes than apartments, and they’re rushing to meet the new demand.

Did you know that 95% of income properties are not purchased in resort towns? The fact is that most property is bought within 25 miles of the investor’s primary residence.

One more fact, 76% of investment properties are purchased in small and rural towns. Your next property investor client could be your next-door neighbor, usher at church or fellow PTA member!

Why miss out on the $18 billion in commissions waiting for agents who service the investors of the new economy. Get your slice of the pie. Right now, residential property investors are investing in your community. The majority of them will initially seek out an agent. Agents with the right skills, vocabulary and expertise will close more deals and add these investors to their client roster.

These investor agent experts can expect to:

checkmarkWatch their commission income rise predictably every month

checkmarkInsulate their income from unexpected feast-to-famine swings

checkmarkEnjoy steady, repeat business allowing them to lower their marketing

checkmarkLockout other agents who just “dabble” with investor clients


Avoid The #1 Reason Agents Fail With Investors

Today 51% of investors who start with an agent close without their agent. But you can avoid the fate of these agents. You just need to understand that investors buy property for different reasons—reasons that have nothing to do with emotion or nostalgia. They buy property simply because the numbers work.

Agent’s who don’t understand the math of property investing will not close these lucrative deals.

Unlike residential real estate, you can’t talk your way through to a close. Investors have refined detectors that sniff out B.S. in seconds.

To prosper in this game, you must be a master at the Agent-Directed Sale.

Most agents follow Reactive, Investor Directed deal. In this model, the investor finds the opportunities, makes an offer and closes. Even though the agent may be contracted, the investor doesn’t trust their ability to structure a deal that makes sense for them.

This means that the agent gets put on the sideline.

There is another (far more lucrative) alternative. It’s called the Proactive Agent Model.

In this scenario, the AGENT finds opportunities and defines multiple investment scenarios.

Then, the AGENT brings these scenarios to the investor for consideration. These lucrative, well presented deals found by the agent shows the investor the value of the agent and the investor to closes with you.

This is not a fairy-tale or an exception to the rule.


Join Hundreds Of Agents Who Earn
Millions In Commissions Using This Model

For a moment, suspend your disbelief and consider the possibilities.

You might want to become a “STAR POWER Star” kind of agent who earns over $35 million in volume each year. You might want to start your real estate business. Or you maybe you want take your business to the next level, making it more profitable, turnkey and headache free.

That’s great! Whatever your situation, there is a training designation that will help you handle that area of your business.

Introducing the Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) Designation from the Charfen Institute, the Authors of the CDPE Designation.

In the last 4 years, the CDPE/CIAS movement has spread like wildfire! The movement has grown from zero to over 37,000 raving real estate professionals.

Who is featuring, endorsing, or talking about our movement?

A few names include: Dave Ramsey, RE/MAX, Brian Buffini, Bank of America, CNBC, Chase, CENTURY 21, Fox News, Fidelity National Title, Fannie Mae, Inc500, and even the US Treasury.

CIAS agents have the skills, expertise, vocabulary and resources needed to structure winning deals for their clients. And investors now see the CIAS Designation as a litmus test for working with Agents.

Investors ALSO provide many foreclosed-upon or displaced families with a place to live and lower distressed property inventories, improving your overall market!

You can enroll today, start learning tonight, and be working with agents tomorrow with the Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) Distance program. Learn right from your own home office.

Whether you buy my program and invest in your future or not, you are going to have to go out there and learn how to:

checkmarkConvert your business from a Reactive to Proactive Investor Model

checkmarkBreak through the seasonality of the typical real estate business

checkmarkEducate clients on how real estate outperforms other investments

checkmarkDecode and dispel myths about the real estate investor

checkmarkIdentify the 5 Investor Types and handle their common objections

checkmarkLeverage the Compounding Effect of investors to generate 100 additional deals in 5 years

And that is just a small taste of what you’ll learn in the CIAS designation.

World-class instructors will guide you step-by-step through all the information you need to start working with investor clients immediately. And you can connect with fellow students to ask questions and share best practices.

In the two-day CIAS Designation course you’ll also learn:

checkmarkThe fool-proof formula for finding and recruiting investors (many are hiding in your existing database right now!)

checkmarkThe complete guide to calculating property investment ratios (that make your life 100 times easier. Anybody who graduated elementary school can quickly learn to do this effectively!)

checkmarkWhat you absolutely must NEVER say when presenting an investment opportunity (so you don’t send potential investors running)

checkmarkHow real estate compares to other investments… and how to use this information to convert prospects into closed deals

checkmarkLittle-known “insider” tricks of the trade that will help you save time and close more deals

checkmarkHow to find and effectively work with international investors. You’ll be amazed by foreign interest in American real-estate!

checkmarkKiller marketing tactics and strategies for each of the investor types (These highly-specific strategies will maximize your efforts)

checkmarkHow to speak the “investor language.” You’ll gain confidence and be able to communicate with investors easily and engagingly!

checkmarkThe reasons why you absolutely MUST have real estate investment team, the key team members you need, and strategies for building this team!

checkmarkHow to find investor friendly deals AND structure them in the clearest possibly way. (This is crucial – presenting the wrong information will scare investors off)

checkmarkEmbarrassing negotiation mistakes to avoid and tactics for paramount success

checkmarkHow to create the right exit strategy for each of the 5 types of real estate investors. Help your investors rest-assured.

checkmarkProperty management systems to make investments turnkey for investors

checkmarkCreative options for financing (like how to convert IRAs into money for real estate investing without penalty)

checkmark4 simple and easy procedures for creating multiple transactions for one client with penalty-free 1031 Exchanges. Your clients will love you for this.

checkmarkWhat you must know about leveraging short sales, foreclosures, and REOs for investors (these can be some of the best deals out there)

checkmarkAnd a whole lot more!

This is the most comprehensive and successful course on starting and building a real estate investor business available anywhere at any price. You will learn everything you need to know to get started or take your investor business to the next level.


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