Bruce Marshall – Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0 ELITE VERSION

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Bruce Marshall – Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0

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Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0

Targeting Bulletproof Weekly Income In “All Weather” Conditions

With Bruce Marshall

ELITE / $1,297

Strategy Class + ThinkorSwim (TOS) Analyze Tab + 2 Days Pro Live-Trading + 2 Days Elite Live Trading

Live Trading Day 3: February 2nd from 1pm-3pm Central
Live Trading Day 4: February 7th from 10am-12pm Central

If you’re looking to maximize your time with Bruce, the Elite Package is for you. You get a total of 4 live trading sessions to see how to apply Bruce’s strategy in real-time. Live trading offers the fastest way to absorb and internalize your new strategy so you can effectively apply your new knowledge to the markets. It’s amazing how much it’s possible to improve your skills in a few trading sessions.

Instant alerts will be sent out to those who sign up for live-trading, so you can follow any setups taken even if you can’t attend live. The Elite Package is by far the best value overall. And remember, you automatically get the recordings of the complete live-trading sessions so you can review them as often as you want.


About Bruce Marshall

After spending many years on Wall Street managing institutional and retail accounts, we’re lucky to have him trading in several memberships of ours. In addition to the Options Chatroom, he has his own service called Bruce’s Income Accumulation System (BIAS), where he focuses heavily on some of his favorite strategies.

Bruce is a conservative income trader. He specializes in longer-term options strategies that can make your money work for you over time without a ton of adjustments. The simplicity of Bruce’s trading game is that he typically uses the same position sizing for each setup. The length of time he gives his trades allows him to adjust as needed. Making necessary adjustments is also something he specializes in.

Bruce’s goal as a trader is to make income while avoiding creating any large fires. It’s all about the singles and doubles with Bruce — as these are great, consistent plays that add up over time without a ton of worry involved.

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