Jim Pickins – Textbook Arbitrage 101

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Jim Pickins – Textbook Arbitrage 101

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Textbook Arbitrage 101 is an introductory course that aims to teach Textbook Arbitrage. I go over everything from start to finish, including sourcing, listing, grading, pricing and repricing.

Reselling textbooks is a reliable way to make up to 200%+ ROI on your money, over and over again. In Textbook Arbitrage 101, I teach:​

  • Fundamentals: How to get up and running from start to finish even if you have ZERO experience and no seller account
  • Sourcing Applications: How to use programs like eFLIP and FBA Trade the RIGHT way.
  • Analyzing Opportunities: Learn to source ONLY profitable textbooks that will sell. After this training, there will be no doubt as to when you are making a good buying decision.
  • Predictive Sourcing: Learn how to find opportunities that aren’t profitable now but will be EXTREMELY profitable during “Textbook Season”. I frequently turn $6 into over $40 with this method.
  • Listing your Textbooks: Learn the fastest and most efficient way to get your textbooks processed and sent in to Amazon so they can start making you money
  • Pricing and Repricing your Textbooks: If you don’t price correctly, your textbooks won’t sell quickly enough or will sell for too little.
  • And much more.


These are two completely seperate modules. Book selling 101 teaches sourcing books locally. It is great for making obscene profits, regularly turning $1 into as much as $10 to even $100.

Textbook Arbitrage 101 is more convenient but has lower potential margins. BOTH methods of selling offer the potential to make over 250% ROI (which most would consider extremely high). Textbook Arbitrage 101 is focused on sourcing ONLINE which is generally more convenient.

The other difference is Textbook Arbitrage 101 generally requires a bit more in startup spending capital since you have to actually purchase the Textbooks to flip first. Most seasoned book sellers do BOTH local book sourcing AND online textbook sourcing to get the best from both worlds and maximize their profit potential, but some choose to do only one or the other.​


Textbook Arbitrage is a location independent business model. From anywhere in the world, you can use this business model to make money even if you live outside of the US with the use of ‘FBA Prep Centers’, facilities that receive, prepare, package and ship your textbooks to the Amazon FBA warehouses to be sold, all without you ever touching the item.

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