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Do you wish you could live a life of financial freedom? To work for yourself. Be able to spend what you want & not even consider the figure. To give your family the world. To travel 5* wherever you want, whenever you want to? You can.

I wasted countless hours of my life banging my head against the wall, falling into the deceit of others.. buying into mis-sold dreams, into pyramid scheme businesses, into wasted investments.. until I found something that finally clicked. Since that day, I have been whole-heartedly committed to help those who are in the same position I was.

Jordan is an English entrepreneur, author, speaker & Internet personality. After being kicked out of university at 23 he scaled a digital marketing agency to 6 figure profits in less than 6 months. He has since generated millions in new revenue for businesses all over the globe. Jordan made it his ongoing mission to help others on the pursuit for a better life and now mentors thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs through his various media channels and online education business.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction To Social Media Marketing
StartWelcome To The Course (5:01)
StartWhat Is Social Media Marketing? (2:54)
StartWhat Services To Offer & How To Price Them (5:54)
StartHow To Set Up A Company (4:46)
StartGetting Your Head In The Game (3:28)
StartTake The Quiz
Module 2 – How To Build A Sales Database
StartThe Best Niches To Target (12:42)
StartWho Is The Ideal Prospect? (6:41)
StartLead Generation Techniques (6:08)
StartCollating Data & Proper Prospecting (7:10)
StartResource – Sales Database Template
StartTake The Quiz
Module 3 – How To Secure Meetings
StartHow To Contact Business Owners (1:38)
StartCold Calling P1 – Fear Of Cold Calling (4:42)
StartCold Calling P2 – The Bulletproof Script (11:03)
StartCold Calling P3 – Overcoming Objections (7:20)
StartInbox Busting Email Strategy (10:48)
StartGroundbreaking Door-To-Door Techniques (3:51)
StartUsing Video Outreach To Secure Meetings (16:09)
StartResource – Cold Calling Script
StartResource – Email & Audit Templates
StartTake The Quiz
Module 4 – How To Dominate In Meetings
StartPreparation Is Key (6:45)
StartHow To Take Control (6:08)
StartMeeting Strategy P1 – Discovery Stage (8:36)
StartMeeting Strategy P2 – Building Trust (6:23)
StartMeeting Strategy P3 – Presenting Your Services (17:33)
StartMeeting Strategy P4 – Close Like A Boss (12:46)
StartOvercoming Objections (8:21)
StartSigning Your First Client When You Have No Results (5:09)
StartMaking It Official (Contracts & Legalities) (8:39)
StartResource – Proposal / Contract Template
StartTake The Quiz
Module 5 – How To Get Kick-Ass Results For Clients
StartYour Responsibilities vs Your Clients (4:13)
StartGathering Content For Posts & Ads (6:58)
StartHow To Put Together A Marketing Strategy (7:18)
StartIntroduction To Facebook Advertising (3:33)
StartIntroduction To Instagram Advertising (3:13)
StartHow To Set Up Your Business On Facebook (8:59)
StartInstalling A Facebook Pixel (6:33)
StartHow To Schedule Posts (3:10)
StartCreating Ads P1 – Understanding Different Ad Types (Campaigns) (3:33)
StartCreating Ads P2 – Identify Your Audience & Specific Targeting (Ad Sets) (8:06)
StartCreating Ads P3 – Managing Ad Placements (Ad Sets) (5:54)
StartCreating Ads P4 – Writing Great Content (Ad Copy) (11:43)
StartOrganising Your Ad Manager (2:54)
StartTake The Quiz
Module 6 – Advanced Facebook Marketing
StartPublished & Unpublished Page Posts (5:29)
StartCustom Audiences In Ad Manager (6:30)
StartLookalike Audiences (3:19)
StartHow To Split Test (6:48)
StartOptimising Ads For Conversions (4:38)
StartTake The Quiz
Module 7 – Comprehensive Marketing Strategies
StartMastering The Funnel (ClickFunnels Training) (15:00)
Start2 Week Trial Strategy (15:01)
StartFull Ad Strategy – Any Industry (16:04)
StartFull Ad Strategy – Restaurants (16:57)
StartFull Ad Strategy – Gyms (15:34)
StartFull Ad Strategy – Dentists (7:33)
StartFurther Marketing With Messenger Bots (5:05)
StartResource – All My Funnels
StartTake The Quiz
Module 8 – Scale Your Business To 6 Figures Within 3 Months
StartHow To Free Up Time (Outsourcing) (14:22)
StartDaily & Weekly Growth Targets (5:54)
StartEliminating Yourself (The Ultimate Freedom) (5:01)
StartResource – Target Planner Template
StartTake The Quiz
Module 9 – Bonus Lessons & Resources
StartHow To Get Free Facebook Page Likes (1:13)
StartHow To Create Professional Graphics (3:14)
StartHow To Sign Clients Whilst Working Full-Time (4:42)
StartHow To Manage Your Agency Whilst Travelling (7:59)
StartAvoiding Complacency & Staying Motivated (5:37)
StartDo You Need A Website For Your Agency?
StartHow To Steal Ad Ideas From Other Companies
StartHow To Ensure Your Clients Are GDPR Safe
StartHow To Set Up Automatic Monthly Client Payments
StartCourse Summary (2:33)
Module 10 – Maximize Profits: Expanding Into E-Commerce – NEW March 2019
StartProspecting E-Commerce Clients – Who, What, Where? (15:09)
StartHow To Secure Video Meetings (12:58)
StartThe Perfect Video Meeting Strategy (15:17)
StartAdvanced Facebook Pixel & Conversion Event Set Up (5:16)
StartHow To Create Dynamic Product Ads (19:51)
StartE-Com Ad Strategy P1 – Preparation & Overview (10:12)
StartE-Com Ad Strategy P2 – Effective Testing (16:34)
StartE-Com Ad Strategy P3 – Scaling Winning Ads (4:57)
StartE-Com Ad Strategy P4 – Hot & Cold Sales Strategies (11:21)
StartE-Com Ad Strategy P5 – Example Ad Strategies (15:55)
StartResources – Viral Ad Examples & ‘Bad Countries’ List
StartTake The Quiz
Module 11 – Get Involved
StartExclusive Facebook Group
StartAffiliate Programme
StartExclusive Student Support & Feedback
StartTake The Quiz

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