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Option Alpha Signals

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Option Alpha offers an extensive technical analysis backtesting report. In it, you can find the results of the backtesting of 17.34 million stock trades over 20 years. The research revealed that about 95% of technical indicators failed to beat the market. Only a few managed to generate a considerable return. One specific indicator even beat the market by 2602%.

Sounds good as an advertisement. But is the report actually worth it?

I own the report and will present my view on it in the following Option Alpha Signals review.


What you will getoption alpha signals

Option Alpha Signals report is all about technical analysis indicators and their reliability. Kirk and his team have backtested 17 different indicators with countless different settings over 20 years (more on the backtesting further down).

In the report’s introduction, Kirk states that the goal of this report was to answer the following three questions:

  1. Is Technical Analysis more reliable than randomly picking a stock’s direction?
  2. If so, can you generate excess returns above just holding SPY (Benchmark Index) on a consistent basis?
  3. If so, what are the specific indicators and settings that work best long-term?

As I have read the report, I can tell you the answers to all of these questions:

  1. Depends on the indicator
  2. Most indicators fail to beat the SPY
  3. Due to copyright, I can’t reveal this


Most people (including the mainstream financial media) just accept the reliability of technical indicators. But this research report actually reveals that technical indicators shouldn’t necessarily be trusted since most of them don’t work.

Furthermore, this report reveals that the few indicators that work, work because they are used very differently than most people use technical indicators. Most people use indicators for relatively short-term trading. However, the most profitable indicators were all longer-term indicators.

Generally, the Option Alpha Signals report reveals some very interesting data that is very eye-opening.


By buying the Signals report, you will gain access to 3 documents:

  • The Signals Report: This is the report itself. In this 76-page long document, Kirk tells you about the backtesting, his opinion, some sample portfolios and more.
  • The Top Settings: This 9-page long PDF shows the top settings for each indicator for different performance metrics. Furthermore, it reveals the best indicators and their settings for shorter-term and medium-term trades.
  • The Appendix: This 222-page long document walks you through each indicator and all the different settings together with their performance and more.

By buying the report, you will have access to all future updates of this report. But I doubt that there will come any updates.

Get  Option Alpha Signals on

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